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Stella Barison is a gifted and innovative Interior Designer with over 33 years of industry experience. She holds a A.S B.S. in Interior Design, as well as a MSCM in Construction Management, both from Florida International University. Most recently, she obtained a Certificate of Interior Design from the University of Miami, studying the latest design trends and techniques, as well as 3D Visualization and graphics software. Using 3D Visualization,  Adobe SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and more, Stella can present you with your completed project before you’ve even begun.

Stella’s seasoned expertise includes coordinating and supervising a wide variety of projects from constructing and designing luxurious apartments to managing and overseeing the day to day operations and completion of major projects. Her primary focus and concentration is giving owners and clients more effective control of complex construction, by delivering high quality finished products on time and within budget. She considers herself an “Owners Representative,” freeing them from the details of contracting, site supervision, solving problems and logistical issues in all aspects of design and contract negotiation.

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